Tom McArdle, Film Advisor and Actor
Thomas McArdle
Military Advisor, Actor & Researcher
For Film & Video

I am a military and historical advisor to film and video makers. Over the past ten years, I have provided thorough, dependable research and on-set advisement to directors and producers, including Dale Dye (No Better Place to Die) and Rob Child (The Wereth Eleven). My primary area of expertise is World War II in Europe. In the field of military history publishing, I have investigated topics for acclaimed authors John C. McManus and Phil Nordyke.

On a parallel course I have launched a career as an actor, most recently portraying Colonel John Glover in America's First D-Day, dramatizing Washington crossing the Delaware, directed by Rob Child.

Prior to my film work, I had a fulfilling career spanning over 20 years in the U.S. Military and local law enforcement.

Tom McArdle Publicity Photo

Tom McArdle on set Wereth 11
Tom Ardle as Col. John Glover in 1st D-Day

Tom Ardle Editing

Above left, publicity photo. ~ Top right, Tom (in green) playing Col. John Glover in America's First D-Day. George Washington (in blue) is played by John Koopman III. ~ Bottom left, Tom (in center) portraying Lt. Gibson on set of The Wereth Eleven. ~ Bottom right: Tom researching

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